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For Admins

Monitor your Application

Your Application calls any of the TraceAgents “Write” methods to send a Trace Message. The TraceAgent automatically collects context information about the .Net type that called the “Write” method such as the full type name and the Application Domain name. Then it generates a TraceMessage by using the user data plus the context data collected and forwards it to the TraceManager.

Detect problems and errors faster

Detect problems or errors of your applications faster with live monitoring feature of Coyote Trace Monitor. Tell your developer team whats going wrong by retrieving the detail information about an error via Coyote Trace Monitor.

Know whats going on

To know what’s going on in an application is essential for developing, operating and maintaining software even if there are no upcoming error reports. If errors happen in applications it’s necessary to have some means of monitoring the activity in the application - historically and/or in the live system. Therefore every application should have monitoring and logging capabilities.

Report to different sources

TracePublishers picks up the Trace Message and processes it. Processing can be storing the message in the Windows EventLog (EventLogTracePublisher) or simply in a text file, or sending the Trace Message to a Trace Server (TraceServerTracePublisher) or doing whatever your custom TracePublisher does with the message.