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For Developers

Coyote Trace Solution was created by .NET developers for .NET developers. Coyote will help you to build applications faster, detect problems more quickly and generally helps you to know what's going on even if you were not there when it happend.

Easy to use .NET software development framework

The Trace Subsystem provides the infrastructure to enable a .Net application to send Trace Messages. It manages the distribution (publishing) and filtering of the messages generated by that application. It is implemented in the Css.Diagnostics.TraceComLib assembly. To enable your application for tracing you just have to add a reference to this assembly into your project and call any of the Write methods of the TraceAgent.

Coyote as TraceListener

Coyote Trace solution provides a custom TraceListener Configuration Section that allows you to trace messages without changing any code of your application.

Trace more information

Your Application calls any of the TraceAgent's “Write” methods to send a Trace Message. The TraceAgent automatically collects context information about the .Net type that called the “Write” method such as the full type name and the Application Domain name. Then it generates a Trace Message by using the user data plus the context data collected and forwards it to the TraceManager.

Write your own TracePublisher

A Custom Publisher is written by the user implementing the ITracePublisher interface contained in CSS.Diagnostics.TraceComLib.dll. Custom Publishers are intended to provide exactly the way of message-processing you want. Sample Custom Publishers could be: E-Mail Publisher, Binary File Publisher, Database Publisher etc.


Already provided and free publishers are:

  • TextFileTracePublisher
  • TraceEventLogPublisher
  • TraceSvrPublisher  
  • TraceSQLPublisher