Coyote .NET Trace Solution is your 3 in one .NET debugger, tracer and monitor software

  • Easy to use tracing components that automatically gather context information while sending Trace Messages - such as type name and method signature of the trace-emitting .Net type.
  • No impact on application design by using static methods only.
  • Ensures performance and does not block the application by using a multithreaded trace subsystem.
  • Configurable Trace Message publishing and filtering.
  • Publishing of Trace Messages to a remote or local trace server service.
  • Integrated live monitoring application that offers configurable filters and connections to multiple trace servers.
  • Customizable Trace Message Publishers.


1. Coyote free .NET logging Framework

First of all: Coyote .NET tracing framework is free. The Coyote Core Framework is the heart of the tracing system. It includes everything to enable your application to send trace messages in .NET. The Coyote Core Framework manages distribution (publishing) and filtering of those messages generated by your application. Furthermore you are able to extend the Core Framework with custom trace publishers for perfect integration in your application's infrastructure.


2. Coyote Trace Server

The Trace Server acts as a central collection point for Trace Messages as well as the connection point for the Coyote Trace Monitor. In addition, it works as a relay point for Trace Messages in distributed multi-tier scenarios as a message router.

3. Coyote Trace MonitorCoyote NET Trace Monitor, .NET logging framework, .NET Debugger, dot net monitor, .NET tracer

The Coyote Trace Monitor offers you a convenient way for monitoring all your applications without leaving your seat. It enables you to monitor one or more tracing-enabled applications at runtime. Features like filtering, searching and sorting help you to analyze what's going on in your application right now.

  • Collection and display of trace messages at runtime 
  • Loading of previously saved trace messages 
  • Connection to several trace servers
  • Individual configuration of trace message filters 
  • Management of trace message data 
  • Configurable list view for trace messages
  • Detailed view of trace messages 
  • Full-text search of trace messages 
  • Saving of filter and connection configurations
  • Rollover trace message stores